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Dairy Conversions

Are you planning or in the process of undertaking a dairy conversion? Dairy farming is heavily dependent on water and waste management, and it is vital that these are managed correctly, or it could cost you a lot of money and even put your project in jeopardy.

Before you start

If you’re considering buying land to convert to a dairy farm, or already own suitable land and plan on converting it, then you need to contact us. We will:

•       Conduct a feasibility study. Before you do anything we will tell you if your land has the required resource consents to access the water it needs and is able to dispose of wastes.

•       Work with you to identify your irrigation needs and assess water availability.

•       Look at your waste management needs from milking shed effluent disposal to septic tanks for workers houses.


When you’re ready to get underway

We will work closely with you and your advisors (irrigation and earth moving contractors etc) to ensure that your project doesn’t sink due to unnecessary red tape. We will actively manage the processing of your:

•       Discharge consents for domestic and dairy effluent discharges

•       Consents for taking and using water

•       Water storage dam consents

•       Domestic water bore consents

•       Land use consents for stream crossings

As well as managing the consent process, we can assist with:

•       Sizing your dairy effluent pond

•       Site and soil assessment for on-site domestic wastewater

•       Environmental Compliance

•       Farm Environmental Management Plans

Let us manage the process, deal with the bureaucracy and get results; we’re your one-stop-shop