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Environmental impact assessment

The complexity of the modern farming world means due diligence is no longer just “a good idea”, but an essential stage for anyone planning to purchase land. However, an important and all too often ignored task is environmental due diligence. Essentially this identifies environmental risks and associated liabilities before they become a problem. Environmental Due Diligence involves evaluating resources, the environmental impact of planned developments and identifying resource consents likely to be needed and any issues impacting on their successful completion.

When we complete an Environmental Due Diligence we will check:

•     The location of bores against their consented location.

•     The consented volume of water available for the proposed land use

•     That resource consent conditions allow for the proposed activity

•     Un-consented activities

A due diligence exercise prior to the purchase of a farm can identify these things and provide advice on exactly what the resource consents mean, if further consents are required, and the likelihood of these being obtained!