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Property sale & purchase due diligence


You’re looking at buying some land and want to change its use (dairy conversion, property development etc), but do you know that it is able to do what you need it to?

•      Does the land you’re looking at have the water availability you require?

•      Are you able to dispose of you effluent and waste?

•      Do existing resource consent conditions restrict your planned the land use?,

•      Are you likely to get the resource consents that you require for your planned activities?

•      Do the existing infrastructure perform adequaltely i.e. do pumps and irigators deliver their rated volumes?

If you can’t answer these questions, we can help you answer them as part of your due diligence.



You have a block of land you want to sell, and you believe it will suit someone who wants to develop it or change its use, so how can you get the best price for it? If your Agent can show to a prospective purchaser that your land can do what they want it to, it will make that land even more attractive.

Ask us to conduct a feasibility study and put the purchasers mind at ease so they can focus on the deal.