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Water resources & irrigation

Water is liquid gold, and having a reliable supply can transform dry land into green pastures, but in Canterbury access to that reliable supply needs careful planning and design. Even if you have a water supply, there may well be times when you aren’t able to access that water, and those times are likely to be when you need it most – dry spells. The answer may involve water harvesting and storage, and that’s an area we have specialist expertise.

On a dairy farm, managing your water resource includes the management of your effluent storage and disposal. Environmental engineering addresses this aspect.

Managing your water resource

Areas you need to cover include:

•         Obtaining resource consent to take, use and dam water

•         Matching the variability of the resource to your required degree of reliability

•         Assessing whether you need a storage dam, and how big it should be

•         Using water efficiently


Unfortunately the availability of water for irrigation on the Canterbury Plains is increasingly restricted and difficult to obtain. Therefore, to get your irrigation scheme operating, you need to:

•          Know how much water you need

•          Know if water is available and how much

•          Know if you need to harvest water from a stream or river

•          Know the reliability of your water source

We will work with you to do a water budget: where we look at your land use; the environment you’re operating in and the availability of water; look at the most efficient and effective way of sourcing and managing your water; and manage the consent process for you including:

•          Groundwater & surface water consents to take and use water

•          Bore permits

•          Diversions & galleries

•          Well interference assessments

•          Stream depletion assessments